A Track Record of Success

With over three decades of expertise, we have crafted a distinguished range of construction methods to create bespoke swimming pools and spas in any style or location. We are also highly regarded for constructing underground pools within restricted areas that connect directly to the home's interior or exterior area.

Indoor And Outdoor Pools

Our team of experienced designers specialise in executing creative, custom swimming pool designs. We accommodate clients with a diversity of projects - from lap pools, to infinity edges, to linear deck slot, and beyond - each requiring careful coordination between our experts, architects and the client themselves.

Whether it's for sports or recreation, we can help you create a pool that fits perfectly into your life and routine. You can rest assured that your pool area will be uniquely designed for you, and if you want it to be more than just a place to lounge away the summer days, it may include state-of-the-art amenities like moving floors, fibre-optic lighting, and a wide variety of materials and wellness features.

Whatever your dreams are, we will work with you to make them a reality. Our personalised approach allows you to create your own, one-of-a-kind training, wellness, and relaxation facilities to use whenever you want. When you collaborate with us to create your own luxurious lifestyle, the sky is the limit.

Our Process

Concept Stage

Our design and project management team initiate in-depth conversations with the end client, architect, and project designer throughout the concept stage. 

Design Stage

Using 3D software, our designers create detailed technical drawings and design ideas, with all equipment and building materials individually itemised.

Commission Stage

Our project managers make sure everything runs well, on schedule, and within budget, and every system is tested rigorously.

Service Stage

Once the project is complete, we provide a demonstration, comprehensive instruction manual, and on-going maintenance plan.

Want More Information?

If you are in the market for a brand new pool or spa, or have an old pool
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Planning and Constructing Your Ideal Pool

As an industry leader, we apply cutting-edge technology to swimming pool design and installation, such as:

  • Heating systems that are both efficient and ecologically friendly
  • A diverse range of LED lighting solutions from market-leading firms that provide stunning effects in and around the pool and spa area.
  • An incredible selection of stunning interior and exterior pool and spa finishes, including high-performance man-made finishes like porcelain and glass mosaic. 

What’s more, indoor and outdoor pools with adjustable movable floors can be utilised to create multi-purpose facilities. When the movable floor is placed over the pool, it quickly transforms the swimming area into a solid floor that can be utilised for a variety of functions ranging from an outdoor patio to an inside symphonic rehearsal hall.

Whatever your dream of a perfect pool or spa looks like, we can help you make it a reality.

Trust the Experts

Our experienced in-house design and project management team guarantees that technically complicated and logistically tough projects are developed and produced on time.

From the simplest luxury pool to very complicated installations such as infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow, and letterbox surface flow systems, every pool we design and build is unique.

Our teams can tackle any level of complexity offered by an architectural brief. We use cutting-edge technology in pool design and construction, such as high-efficiency, environmentally friendly heating systems, moving floor solutions, sophisticated hydrotherapy, stainless steel pools, water features, and outstanding LED underwater lighting and sound systems.

To guarantee that clients receive the finest in pool and spa construction, filtration, water treatment, air management, lighting, and finishes, we constantly examine and study new technology, materials, and energy saving developments.